Permanent cooperation – athletes

Permanent cooperation for athletes is suitable for the most demanding customers. As part of the permanent cooperation, you will receive a personalized nutritional plan tailored to your individual preferences, which will also be updated weekly. The menu includes general nutritional recommendations along with product substitutes and individually tailored supplementation. In addition, a person under constant dietary care is entitled to:

  • Nutritional consultation every 7 days to constantly monitor the progress
  • Access to e-mail and telephone number of a dietitian with the possibility of constant contact
  • Weekly option to make changes to the menu after prior arrangement of details
  • Weekly possibility of introducing changes in supplementation after prior arrangement of details

As part of the „permanent cooperation – athletes” program you will obtain:

  • A personalized, varied menu for 7 days tailored to your individual needs
  • Dietary recommendations
  • Product substitutes
  • Individually tailored supplementation
  • Check-ups every 7 days to monitor progress and make updates on a regular basis
  • Permanent access to the e-mail and telephone number of the dietitian

We prepare professional athletes in terms of nutrition. We work with athletes of many sports disciplines, including MMA fighters, boxers, tennis players, soccer players, cyclists, runners and triathletes.

Help in reducing body weight to the weight limit is available only as part of the athlete’s constant cooperation. Cooperation with the athlete during this process is associated with the need to constantly monitor the progress.

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