Permanent cooperation

It contains an individual 28-Day meal plan suited to the medical tests results and dietary history presented during the consultation. The diet includes general nutritional guidelines along with substitutes for products and individually adapted supplementation. In addition, a person under constant nutritional care is entitled to:

  • Short dietary consultations every 7 days to constantly monitor your progress
  • Possibility to modify the menu at any time after prior agreement
  • Permanent access to our email address and business phone number

As part of the „permanent cooperation” program you will obtain:

    • Personalized, varied menu for 28 days suited to your individual needs
    • Nutrition guidelines
    • A list of allowed and prohibited products
    • Individually adapted supplementation
    • Control visits every 7 days in order to monitor progress and make changes on a regular basis
    • Permanent access to the e-mail and phone number of the dietician