The quality of my services is confirmed by professional athletes

Marcin Prachnio - UFC FIGHTER

I would like to recommend Mr. Jacek Feldman. From the moment we started collaborating, my achievements have grown significantly. The proper diet and supplementation that Mr. Jacek applied to me is really great and effective. My physical condition increased remarkably, the body began to regenerate faster so I can now train with increased workload and higher intensity which translates into a better condition and my sports results. I fully recommend this diet and supplementation specialist.

Maciej "Striczu" Sulęcki - MIDDLEWEIGHT BOXER

It is my pleasure to recommend Jacek Feldman. The effects of our cooperation brought me to my knees. Thanks to Jacek I am rediscovering my body, he helps me break down the barriers. A well-balanced individual diet, adequate supplementation and commitment have surprised me very positively. Thanks to our cooperation, my results have significantly increased: strength, speed, regeneration, sleep are much more effective, cutting the weight (about 10 kg) for each fight is not a problem for me, which has always been a problem, despite cooperation with many nutrition specialists. I would recommend Jacek to everyone whose goal is, in particular increasing the sports results.


I have been working with Jacek Feldman since the beginning of 2016. Ever since I met Jacek, he infected me with his passion for dietetics and a healthy nutrition system. During our cooperation, we have already achieved our desired objective five times, Jacek was helping me with full commitment and his knowledge was a key element on the road to success. With a clear conscience and great respect I recommend Jacek as a dietitian to my friends, especially that in my life I have met many specialists who had a very schematic working style. Jacek is a exception to the rule, as a dietitian he approaches each case individually and puts his whole heart to help his clients. Marcin Łepkowski – European Muay Thai vice-champion 2014 and multiple medalist of various prestigious MT events.

Bartosz Fabiński - UFC FIGHTER

I started working with Jacek Feldman in mid-2015. Thanks to his knowledge about nutrition, supplementation and also the functioning of the whole organism, my sports results, as well as the results of blood tests have improved significantly. Previous collaborations with other dieticians was based on poor observations of my body, only Jacek helped me to adjust nutrition and supplementation accordingly. His knowledge in the field of nutrition in martial arts is enormous, which has been proved by my well-being in recent months. I would recommend this dietitian to anyone who needs good preparation for the fight as well as anyone who cares about their health.

Krzysztof Gutowski - MMA FIGHTER

I have been cooperating with Jacek Feldman for over a year. During this time, thanks to his diet plans, my sporting results have improved considerably. I worked with many other dietitians but only Jacek Feldman fulfilled my expectations. He specializes in planning diets for combat sports athletes and thanks to that he perfectly adapted the diet to my physical conditions. I highly recommend to everyone!


I have been working with Jacek Feldman for a year. During the cooperation I have experienced a multiple improvement of my sports results, thanks to the nutrition plans created by Jacek. Before our collaboration I was working with many other dieticians. Only he met my expectations, because he specializes in composing the diets for martial arts athletes. The diet program has been successfully prepared and adjusted to my physical condition.

Salim Touahri - UFC FIGHTER

Despite the fact that I started working with Jacek Feldman quite recently, I can recommend him with full responsibility. After a few months of collaboration with Jacek, thanks to his advice, carefully selected diet plan and supplementation, my weight have dropped, and my well-being have definitely increased. As a result, my condition and intensity during trainings have also increased, and due to the appropriate regeneration, my workouts are definitely more efficient, which translates into a better form. Thanks to cooperation with Jacek, I’ve moved to the next level. I definitely recommend Jacek Feldman, who is an awesome specialist in sports nutrition.


I have been practicing martial arts for 10 years. Preparations for each fight were always associated with sacrifices and tasteless starvation rations. Ever since I met Jack Feldman, cutting weight for the fights has become a pleasure. His diet is varied and meals are tasty. Everything is adapted to the lifestyle and to the intensity of training. Thanks to his advice I feel very good during the fight, which caused the improvement of my sports achievements.


I have already worked with many dietitians from Poland or the USA, but I have not seen such a specialist in this profession yet. Collaboration has been very good since the first days. He is a real pro. I recommend Jacek to every athlete who wants to move to the next level and to all physically active people who want to see how the professional athlete’s diet looks like.

Rafał Sępkowski - MMA FIGHTER

I have been cooperating with Jacek Feldman for half a year. Thanks to his nutritional and supplementation plans not only my performance parameters have improved significantly but my health as well. I’ve never felt so good during the weight-cutting process and later during the fight itself, and it have always been a major problem for me during my previous matches. I definitely recommend Jacek Feldman as a specialist in dietetics and supplementation for both people training martial arts and those who want to enjoy good health and well-being.

Albert Odzimkowski - MMA FIGHTER

I have been cooperating with Jacek Feldman for over 10 months. Thanks to following the nutrition plans and advice of Jacek, my sport results as well as the condition of my body have improved remarkably. Earlier, during the cooperation with other dieticians, I did not feel such a significant improvement in my mood and training quality as I feel now. I do recommend Jacek.


I have been cooperating with Jacek Feldman for half a year. Thanks to the diet and supplementation prepared by Jacek, I could work even harder during the time of preparation, which results in a good form during the season. Better regeneration after training and lack of energy drops during the day are just some of the advantages of cooperation with a real specialist. Previously, I worked with several dieticians, but the diet plan prepared by Jacek was carefully refined and based on previous research. I would really recommend him!

Pawel Zawistowski - MUAY THAI FIGHTER

Jacek Feldman is a dietician with whom I have been working for several months. He is a real specialist in composing diets for martial arts athletes. Thanks to his help, I feel more confident, stronger and above all healthier – not only in the ring but also in private life. Although he is many kilometers away, he is always able to help me and to advise. His menu is delicious and easy to prepare. I would really recommend him!

Emil Różewski - MMA CONTENDER

I would like to thank Jacek Feldman because from the moment he took me under his wing I understood that what I do is finally professional. My efficiency, strength and regeneration have changed a lot, and this is all due to carefully planned supplementation, perfectly balanced diet and most importantly very good and frequent contact with the contestant. I know that we will come a long way together! I would recommend you to all professionals!

Arbi Shamaev - MMA FIGHTER

I started working with Jacek Feldman less than a month before my fight at FEN 16 and I have to admit that if it wasn’t for his help and the great knowledge about proper nutrition, it would be hard for me to cut the weight, especially which it was the first time I fought in weight of 61 kg. Previously I had all my fights in 66 kg category. It was quite a challenge for me and for Jacek, but we did it. Jacek was very supportive and very involved.

It is certainly a professional that I can recommend with a clear conscience!

Robert Bandosz - OCR ELITE RUNNER

I recommend Mr. Jacek Feldman as a diet therapist and sports nutritionist. I have been working with Mr. Jacek for several months and in this short time he helped me to improve my metabolic health, which due to bad functioning excluded me completely from a sports career for more than a year. From the moment I started to follow Mr. Jacek’s recommendations, my blood test results, and most of all my well-being, improved significantly and I returned to a full-size training cycle. By the way, my body composition has also improved significantly. As a personal trainer and a steeplechase runner, I really appreciate the professional and individual approach that characterizes Mr. Jacek Feldman.


I would like to recommend Mr. Jacek Feldman. Since the beginning of our cooperation, the quality of my workouts has moved to a whole new level. Regeneration is much faster, the strength is growing. CrossFit is a very demanding discipline for both the body and the mind. Thanks to the proper diet and supplements composed by Mr. Jacek, I am able to do every workout according to the plan. In addition to training myself and others, I am also the mother of a two-year-old girl, and thanks to the appropriate diet I am able to succeed in all of these roles.


I would like to recommend Mr. Jacek Feldman. My ability to practice sports was limited by the disease but with the help of this dietitian I can participate in the competition again. We achieved the goal without using medication. The conditioning problems disappeared and I noted a rapid increase in physical fitness. Thanks to his individually selected diet and supplementation, my sports performance moved forward, I restore my strength faster, which means that I can focus only on training. A very professional approach. I recommend everybody to work with this specialist in the field of nutrition.


We have been cooperating with Jacek for a long time, from the very beginning of our cooperation. Jacek is strongly involved in working with me and applying all necessary changes caused by competition and preparations. Since we have been cooperating, my medical examinations results have improved and I am able to stay fit all year long. Learning nutritional habits and supplementation has helped me to reach a higher level, regeneration after workout and concentration level is the best I have ever had. I can train more and even harder so I make much faster progress. I definitely recommend Jacek Feldman as a sports nutritionist, whoever will go to ask him for advice will benefit from this improving their health and form. I highly recommend him!

Kamil Łebkowski - MMA CONTENDER

It’s a pure pleasure to work with Jacek. I am an experienced athlete and it was not a first time for me to cut weight, but only in cooperation with Feldman Nutrition I’ve experienced how it is to lose weight and feel good at the same time, and above all, to not be stressed out during the whole process. Everything is totally professional with an individual approach to me as a competitor, starting with a diet and supplementation through advice how to quickly regenerate the body between heavy training sessions till how to regain strength immediately after weigh-in. I would highly recommend!

  • Professional approach to the topic !!! Everything matched for a specific person, no ready, etc. Health has improved, the figure has improved, what more could you want! I would recommend !!!

  • Great knowledge and professionalism. We often meet at various trainings and conferences where we improve our knowledge. In dietetics you need to take care of the development of each day, follow the research and the latest methods of therapy, because each case is different. I would recommend.

  • Pure professionalism. Diet suited to me based on the results of the research. I have been cooperating with Jack for a year, since then much has changed a big plus when it comes to my body and well-being, and doing weight is not a hard work, I recommend with a clear conscience. Professionalism and passion is what characterizes this Lord.

  • I have been cooperating with Jacek Feldman for half a year. Thanks to the diet and supplementation prepared by Jacek, I could work even harder during the preparatory period, which results in a good form during the season. The feeding plan prepared by Jacek was elaborated in detail and supported by previous research. I would recommend!

  • Thanks to Jack, I learned about my health problems for which he thanked me. Whenever I have a problem, I can write to him! Recommend.

  • Jacek puts a lot of work and commitment into continuous development and helps clients, I do not hesitate to recommend!