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Nutrition plan for 8 weeks


The nutritional plan for 8 weeks is tailored to individual needs and culinary preferences. It is based on a thorough nutritional interview. We say no to copy-paste diets! We want our clients to eat only meals they like on a daily basis. The menu includes dietary recommendations along with product substitutes and supplementation. The nutritional plan is valid for 8 weeks, then a follow-up visit should take place in order to update the plan in order to achieve further dietary goals.

As part of the „Nutrition plan for 8 weeks” program you will obtain:[mk_custom_list style=”e328″ icon_color=”#00b600″ margin_bottom=”25″ align=”none”]

  • Personalized, varied menu for 7 days suited to your individual needs
  • Dietary recommendations
  • Product substitutes
  • Individually adapted supplementation


[mk_fancy_title font_family=”none”]Below is an example of a diet record:[/mk_fancy_title]

Millet pralines with peanut butter: pour the millet flakes and protein supplement into the bowl. We mix everything thoroughly. In a few tablespoons of water, knead cocoa and xylitol, then add peanut butter and mix thoroughly. The resulting mass is added to the flakes and further mixed. The consistency of the obtained mass should resemble the consistency of a shortcake or a cake for pasta or dumplings. If the dough was too thick, add a little water. Ready bars (we can give them any form) we can eat immediately after preparation, however, they taste best after an hour spent in the fridge.

Product / Dish Weight Home measure
millet flakes 100
whey protein isolate 30
cashew nut butter, no salt 20
raw cocoa 5
xylitol 5
Total: 156

Bone-based broth: beef based broth and beef broth with vegetables.

Product / Dish Weight House measure
bone broth 200
beef, roast beef 150
carrot 340 2 x art
parsley, root 92 big art
Total: 782

Baked salmon with herb butter: Wash the salmon and dry with a paper towel. Sprinkle the fish with lemon juice and then sprinkle with salt and pepper. The room temperature butter should be combined with the chopped dill, garlic and rosemary. Cut the salmon into pieces and place it in a casserole with skin facing down. Grease the top with prepared herb butter. Bake under cover at 200° C for 20-30 minutes. Serve with boiled rice and sauerkraut and pickled cucumber.

Product / Dish Weight House measure
extra butter 10
dried rosemary 15
garden dill 16 2 x tablespoon
Atlantic salmon, wild, fresh 150
white, long grain rice 80
sauerkraut 200
pickled cucumber 150
Total: 606

Turkey breast with cauliflower and potatotes: Marinate turkey breast meat in olive oil and herbs. Wash and boil the potatoes in a pot with water. Wash cauliflower and cook in a pot with water. Put everything together on a plate. Brush the potatoes and cauliflower with butter.

Product / Dish Weight House measure
potatoes 300
turkey breast meat, without skin 150 portion
butter 82% 15
olive oil 10
cauliflower 200
Total: 440