Jacek Feldman – Sports and clinical dietitian

A dream body and well-being without radical diets and hours spent in the kitchen?

You’ve come to the right place!

I will help you achieve your goal in an effective, pleasant and safe way.

I am a master of dietetics with a specialization in sports nutrition, a coach and the author of many articles.

I work with leading Polish professional athletes (including Maciej Sulęcki, Fiodor Cherkashyn, Artur Szpilka). Every day I work with representatives of many sports disciplines: cyclists, swimmers, runners, triathletes, crossfiters, tennis and soccer players. I have participated in many domestic and foreign trainings.


I completed MSc studies in dietetics at WSBiNOZ in Łódź and postgraduate studies in dietary counseling at IŻŻ. I gained experience working among others with the best fighters in Poland. They include athletes from the world’s best MMA organization – UFC. I am constantly broadening my horizons by participating in numerous schoolings and conferences.


It is a huge pleasure for me to improve the health of my clinical patients through the diet and supplementation used. I am passionate about implementing dietary solutions.

I particularly value the holistic approach and natural medicine. Reading books confirmed my beliefs that universities are the beginning of true knowledge.


Sign up for a consultation

Cooperation always begins with consultations – contact us by an e-mail to arrange the date of the meeting. During writing an email, please describe the purpose of the cooperation.

Take part in the health check-up

The following blood and urine tests serve as the basis for the assessment of the metabolic health of our patient. By analyzing the following markers we are able to verify metabolic disorders of the body and adjust the appropriate nutritional solution to improve health. We do not host the patients without proper diagnosis, because we’re not interested in pure guesswork, we do care about health and the right approach to our patients. After the first consultation it may be necessary to perform additional medical tests that are not in the following panels. If you are taking hormonal agents (e.g. contraceptive pills), please contact us in advance.

We recommend the services of the diagnostic company IV CLINIC to Warsaw customers. By referring to me, you will receive a discount for medical check!

Download and complete the questionnaires

The questionnaire and the nutritional diary are the tools necessary for us to work during the nutritional interview. Fill them in diligently so that we do not miss anything. Please send the completed documents along with the blood and urine tests results and consent to the processing of personal data to kontakt@feldmannutrition.pl.

In the package with consultation, you can buy:


  • Consultation online 80 EUR
  • Consultation in the office 100 EUR
  • Nutrition plan for 8 weeks 120 EUR
  • Nutrition plan for 8 weeks premium 180 EUR
  • Continuous dietary cooperation 350 EUR / month *
  • Continuous dietary cooperation of the athlete 400 EUR / month *

* Limited opportunity to buy a service depending on the availability of nutritionist time – several people on permanent cooperation at the same time to maintain the highest quality of service!

If you have also purchased an individual nutritional plan or permanent cooperation, we will start preparing your menu and you will receive it by e-mail with all attachments within 7 working days!”

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We work with both people who want to achieve the set goals and professionals who care about the best results.